Souvenir of the Godiva Procession

August 7th, 1907

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seven Stevens silk in one card-mount; being primarily his postcard pictures
Words and pictures:
Souvenir of the Godiva Procession
AUGUST 7th, 1907.  
{small circular silk of
Coventry Coat of Arms}
{postcard version of
The Lady Godiva Procession}
{postcard version of
Ye Ladye Godiva of Coventre
on horseback}
{postcard version of
Coventry (Greyfriars Green}
{small circular silk of
Peeping Tom}
{postcard version of
Ye Ladye Godiva of Coventre
descending steps}
{small circular silk of
Lady Godiva}


cm deep by cm wide

cm high by cm wide

by Sprake:
Sprake does not record this picture.

by Godden:
Godden does not record this picture

Other comments:
This picture has the Stevens credit printed in the lower left corner of the card matt, so there is no doubt it is of his manufacture.

close up of Stevens printed credit in lower left corner of the Souvenir picture

This Souvenir would seem to have been made as a (then) infamous actress, called " La Milo " took the title role of Lady Godiva in the procession, as this extract details:

Extract from National Portrait Gallery
Pansy Montague, 'La Milo' (c 1885-unknown) appeared as a chorus girl and actress in Melbourne from about 1898, and in 1901 understudied Nellie Stewart in Sydney. In 1905 she appeared in Melbourne and Sydney for Harry Rickards' Variety Theatre as 'The Modern Milo' in a series of poses plastiques described as a 'Fac-simile of Ancient and Modern Statuary and Sculpture'.
In 1906 she went to England and Europe, where through again exhibiting herself clad in next to naught, she revived public interest in 'living statues'.
In the first half of 1907 the Bishop of London called for the London Council to ban living statues, but at the Coventry Pageant in August 1907 La Milo enacted the role of Lady Godiva, riding a horse for five hours in pink 'fleshings' under chiffon drapery and lengthy wig before 150,000 spectators including at least one incensed clergyman.

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