The Good Old Days
with Stephenson's Triumph

Reference Number:- Sprake Number:- Godden Number:-
st 18   not listed not listed

Image of two silks in one frame, being st260-The Good Old Days, without the winter background, and st564-Stephenson's Triumph.

Woven on silk:-

Printed on card-mount:-

[image of st 260 silk]
The Good Old Days
[image of st 564 silk]
Stephenson's Triumph.
17.8cm deep by 19.1cm wide

cm high by cm wide

Neither Sprake nor Godden note the existence of this double silk.

The two silks which comprise the double are:

The Good Old Days (without the winter background) - st260
Stephenson's Triumph - st564

The format of this card matt is unusual, and whilst on first inspection, it would look like a 'home made' matt, there is infact a genuine Stevens single title rear label which would normally only be found on the rear of the London to York Royal Mail Coach {st416}. THE GOOD OLD DAYS design was registered on 14 May 1879, and STEPHENSON'S TRIUMPH as a title was very short lived, suggesting that this picture was woven at or just after the York Exhibition (which ran from 7 May to 31 October 1879)

rear single title label.


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