(narrow ribbon joined with others from
Collect, Communion, Holy Communion,
I Lesson, II Lesson, Litany, Prayers

Reference Number:- Darby Number:- Godden Number:-
sb 1616  not recorded not recorded

Narrow blue silk bookmark with word Psalms Narrow blue silk bookmark with word Psalms











Size of Silk:
21.6cm long by 1.1cm wide
Alternative back-ground colours:
This narrow bookmark is attached at its top to an ivory clip. Normally there would be several silk bookmarks all attached to the same clip, and each having its own name. The known ones being:
Collect - sb540
Communion - sb552
Lesson I - sb1164
Lesson II - sb1168
Litany - sb1180
Prayers - sb1592
Psalms - image above

A set of three designs, Collect, Holy Communion and Psalms was registered on 17 July 1862 (No. 153243). Note however that there is no record to date of " Holy Communion " with a pointed end (only frayed), so this registration probably applies to the Stevens Tassled End series.


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