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sb 1576 289 604

Bookmark with portrait of Pope Pius IX
The copyright of this image
is owned and retained by
The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry,
who kindly granted permission for its use.
stiff backing paper used to support the bookmark
in the post, with embossed STEVENS name, and
32 Queen Street, Coventry address,
dated to the early 1860's
{gothic arch}
{portrait of the Pope}


{image of mitre and crossed keys}
Size of Silk:
cm long by cm wide
Alternative back-ground colours:
It is not known who this bookmark is signed on the reverse, although other similar religious bookmarks as signed: "T.STEVENS COVENTRY" on back at pointed end:

As can be seen with the image above, this bookmark is still attached to the stiff backing paper used to support it in the post, and this paper has the embossed STEVENS name.

The actual bookmark itself, and image, are owned by The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry, who retain the copyright. The original image can be seen in the Herbert Museum on-line archive.

Pius IX was Pope from 16 June 1846 to 7 February 1878.


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