Lord Randolph Churchill

(political favour)
violet flowers

Reference Number:- Darby Number:- Godden Number:-
sb 1204  not recorded not recorded

same silk, with different coloured silk words
same small bookmark or favour but with different coloured silk words
Small bookmark or favour of portrait of Lord Churchill - probably more likely used as a pin badge

portrait of

image of violets  
Size of Silk:
6.4cm long by 1.9cm wide
Alternative back-ground colours:

Signed: "T.STEVENS COVENTRY" on back at one pointed end: 

Stevens logo on the reverse pointed end of this bookmark
Stevens logo on the reverse pointed end of this bookmark

This silk is almost identical to sb1205, the only difference being the flowers below Churchill's portrait

Lord Randolph Churchill (1849-1895) was the father of Sir Winston Churchill. He was elected to Parliament in 1874 as Conservative member for Woodstock, and rose to the position of Leader of the House of Commons in 1886.


Below is an image of a point of sale display, with this election badge and two others for sale at One Penny Each (that is, when there were 240 penny to the pound)

point of sales display containing three election badges
the image of this bookmark kindly donated
by Georg Hartong, The Netherlands

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