(frayed end narrow ribbon)

Reference Number:- Darby Number:- Godden Number:-
sb 1181 not recorded not recorded

Narrow religious bookmark with title words, joined with six other narrow religious bookmarks
{last bookmark, attached
with six others}
{frayed ends on all bookmarks}
Size of Silk:
cm long by cm wide
Alternative back-ground colours:
It is not known how this bookmark is signed, and might not be of STEVENS manufacture.
Stevens advertisements however record that he sold these narrow bible bookmarks with pointed ends; tasselled ends (as above); or with ivory or gilt ornaments. The pointed end versions are recorded on this site still attached to the stiff backing paper with STEVENS name, and are hence verified. The bookmark above has a great deal of similarity to those pointed end versions.

A set of three designs, Collect, Holy Communion and Psalms was registered by Stevens on 17 July 1862 (No. 153243). Note however that there is no record to date of " Holy Communion " with a pointed end, only the frayed end version, so this registration probably applies to the set of frayed end bookmarks recorded below, thus reinforcing that they were possible made by Stevens.

The bookmarks were originally sold in various combinations; the buyer choosing which ribbons, and how many, from:
Collect - sb541
Holy Communion - sb969
Lesson I - sb1165
Lesson II - sb1169
Litany - image above
Prayers - sb1593
Psalms - sb1617

The frayed end silk markers are joined at the top, either with tacking stitches, or with similar material to the frayed bottom.


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