Printed Fan

I wish you a happy New Year

Printed by E. Bollans & Co.

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Printed Card fan
[1st fan:]
{E.B. & Co. printed on top}
I wish You a
New Year

[2nd fan:]
This simple flower betrays my heart
and breathes for me the wish I wot
it bids my thoughts to language start
and asks thee to Forget Me Not.

[3rd fan:]
Learn this lesson while you may,
For time is swiftly flying
The rose that blooms and
smiles to-day,
tomorrow may be dying.

[4th fan:]
Emblem of Modesty.
Fain would'st thou hide thy head
Sweet flower it cannot be,
The constant fragrance shed
Around thy leafy bed
Betrayeth thee.

[5th fan:]
Like the lily fair
Let thy heart e'er be
Emblem of Truth and Purity
Shielding from every snare,
And ever guiding thee
To a joyous immortality.

Size of fan:

each leaf:
cm high by cm maximum width

This bookmark is signed: " E. B. & Co. " on front top:
Bollans initials printed on the top of the first blade

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