God is love

(cross & flowers)
Blessed Lord who . .

Woven by E. Bollans & Co.

Reference Number:-   Bollans catalogue number:-  
obo 308   unknown  

Short bookmark with title words, image of flower covered cross, and words of verse


God is Love  

image of cross and


Blessed Lord, who
hast caused all Holy
Scriptures to be writ-
-ten for ourLearning:
Grant that we may in
such wise Hear them,
Read, Mark, Learn, and
inwardly Digest them,
that by patience and
comfort of thy Holy Word
we may embrace and ev
er hold fast the Blessed
Hope of Everlasting Life
which thou hast given
us in our Saviour
Jesus Christ. Amen.


Recorded by John High in his unpublished list
Size of Silk:

cm long by cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:
Signed: "E. BOLLANS & Co. LEAMINGTON." on reverse top turnover.

This bookmark has a diamond registration mark woven on the reverse pointed end, but it is unclear whether it is complete. Godden does not record this as being a registered design.

Bollans name woven at top turn-over, and Diamond Registration Mark woven on reverse of this bookmark, but it is unclear whether it is complete.

This bookmark is identical to Welch & Lenton - recorded as owe308.


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