Prince & Princes of Wales Marriage Address

Woven by John Ratliff

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large woven ribbon titled To Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales
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{woven on silk:}
  To her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales.
  may it please your Royal Highness
  We the Mayor Aldermen & Citizens of the city of
  Coventry in council assembled beg to express to your
  Royal Highness our warmest congratulations
  upon your Royal Highness' Marriage with his Royal
  Highness the Prince of Wales.
  We join with all our hearts in the general welcome
  of your Royal Highness to this country, a welcome which
  will have been to your Royal Highness the most grateful
  proof of the satisfaction with which the august alliance
  is everywhere regarded
  We rejoice that while it renews an intimate connection
  between the Royal Families of Denmark and England, it is
  also hailed with enthusiasm by the people of both nations
  a unison of feeling which cannot fail to promote the goodwill
  and friendly intercourse so long subsisting between them
  Our ardent prayer is that the event may be blessed
  with abundant happiness to your Royal Highness
  and the Prince, imparting joy to our beloved Queen
  and wide-spread benefits to this Kingdom.
  Given under our Common Seal the twenty-fourth
  day of March in the year of our Lord MDCCCLXIII
  J. C. R.
  R. E.
overall: 86.0cm long by 23.0cm wide
The Copyright to this ribbon belongs to © Victoria And Albert Museum, London, who kindly gave permission for the image to appear on this site. Copying, distribution or in any other way using this image is not permitted.

Godden notes the existence of this ribbon on page 397.

Signed: " J. C. R. " which is assumed to be " JOHN CLEOPHAS RATLIFF ", the name Ratliff was known under before 1862.

The ribbon also has the initials " R.E. ", being the designer, but it is not know to whom this relates.

In " The Saturday Book, number 30 " Michael Darby discusses this ribbon, and notes the contentious history of its design. In the end, Ratliff was granted the weaving, although Darby said that in so doing, Ratliff employed the services of Holmes in the design (page 41). The weaving of the initials R.E. as the designer adds some confusion to Darby's statement.


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