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Stevengraph Collectors' Association:-
President and UK Treasurer
Mark Cottrill
Vice President, US Honorary Secretary and US Treasurer
Patti Hartwig
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The SCA was founded in 1954 in the USA by Lewis Smith and a number of other individuals who were interested in silk weavings produced in Coventry. The group was especially interested in the weavings of Thomas Stevens.

The purpose of the Association is to provide a forum for members to learn more about and to exchange information regarding Stevengraphs and other silk weavings. In addition, the Association maintains ties to the Herbert Museum in Coventry and the Macclesfield Silk Museum in the UK.

The SCA publishes a quarterly newsletter, " SCA NEWS " which contains information on rare finds, prices achieved at recent sales, items of interest, member activities and information regarding other silk weavers. The size of each members collection varies widely. Some only own one or two Stevengraphs; others have collections of more than 100 designs. Some may only collect silk woven postcards or maybe just the colourful bookmarks. All however find something of interest in each edition of the SCA NEWS.

There is no joining fee, although there is a modest annual fee.

Sample newsletters are sent for free, so to receive your sample, or for more information, please click on this link, and complete the enquiry form on the Stevengraph Collectors Association web site:-
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