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not yet allocated Cash-picture0023  

J & J Cash miniature woven picture of a horse drawn caravan


{there are no words
or Cash's name woven on the tapestry}
Of frame: 6.9cm deep by 8.9cm wide
Of tapestry: cm high by cm wide
These miniature pictures are much smaller than the more typical CASH'S pictures.

In the CASH'S 1995 Sales Catalogue, this picture is recorded in the MINIATURE TAPESTRIES series, with the Reference Number of 731.

The other pictures recorded in the same MINIATURE TAPESTRIES Series were:

file reference No: Picture Title 1995 Catalogue Number
cash-picture0022 Bicycle 729
cash-picture0023 Caravan - the image above 731
cash-picture0024 Church 730
cash-picture0025 Cottage 728
cash-picture0026 Anemones 739
cash-picture0027 Pansies 736
cash-picture0028 Poppies 737
cash-picture0029 Wild Rose 738

The only label attached to the back of this picture is a generic label confirming CASH'S was the maker:

label attached to the back of this picture

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