Lilium tigrinum

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J & J Cash woven picture of a flower, with title words of Lilium tigrinum


Lilium tigrinum
Of frame: cm deep by cm wide
Of tapestry: cm high by cm wide
This picture was recorded in the 1995 CASH'S Sales Catalogue, as one of the VICTORIAN FLOWERS SERIES, with a Collection Number of 506.
This same picture was issued with an oval surround to the tapestry, as opposed to the rectangle of the 1995 version shown above.
This picture is one of the recorded set of six, being:
file reference No: Picture Title 1995 Catalogue Number
cash-picture0079 Aster 501
cash-picture0080 Chrysanthemum 504
cash-picture0081 Lilium - being the image above 506
cash-picture0082 Rosa 503
cash-picture0083 Tagetes 502
cash-picture0084 Viola 505
Label attached to pictures with oval aperture, noting the image was from
Maund's "Botanic Garden", a collection of drawings in the
Botanical Library of the British Museum (Natural History):
label attached to the back of this picture
Label attached to the back of the picture above with rectangular surround,
as recorded in the 1995 Sales Catalogue:
label attached to the back of this picture

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