Wenn ich ein Voglein war . .

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Cash's woven bookmark with woven title words in German, and words of a poem
the image of this bookmark
was copied from the
March 2012 edition of
The Bookmark Society newsletter


{image of a young women}
Wenn ich ein
Vöglein wär
und auch zwei
Flügel hätt',
flög ich zu dir,
Weil's aber
nicht kann sein,
bleib ich allhier.
{image of a small bird, singing}
{with a pattern of eleven flowers}
Of bookmark: cm deep by cm wide
My knowledge of the German Language is non-existent. I understand however that a rough translation of this folk song is:
If I were a little bird,
And had two little wings,
I'd fly to you!
But since it cannot be,
I shall stay right here.
Folk song

The design of this bookmark is the same as cash-bm0126: A week of birthdays - 11 flowers at pointed end. The German translation though is not the same verse.


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