Two Bad Mice, Jeremy Fisher & Flopsy bunnies

(small images with names)

Catalogue Number:- Reference Number:- The Bookmark Society Number:-  
not yet allocated Cash-bm0312 1014  

Cash's woven bookmark with three small images with names, Two Bad Mice, Jeremy Fisher & Flopsy bunnies, on each


{image of a mouse, holding a book, with cover words:}
{image of a frog, sitting on a book, with title on spine:}
{image of a rabbits, holding a book, with cover words:}
Of bookmark: cm deep by cm wide
The Bookmark Society note that during the period 2008 to 2011, CASH'S issued a series of new Beatrix Potter bookmarks.
The bookmark above was one of these, being issued in 2008, with the Bookmark Society attributing catalogue number 1014, and title " FLOPSY GREEN ".
It was re-issued in 2011, with catalogue number 1081, with the new title " FLOPSY & FRIENDS ".

Others in the same series include:

file reference No: Bookmark Title:
cash-bm0437 And because the Mouse (Miss Moppet)
cash-bm0159 Benjamin suggested that they should (Benjamin Bunny)
cash-bm0489 But round the end of a cucumber frame (Peter Rabbit)
cash-bm0618 But still through the nicks in the shutters (Tailor of Gloucester 2010)
cash-bm0657 " How shall you ever get them out again? " (Timmy Tiptoes)
cash-bm0387 I will get some worms (Jeremy Fisher)
cash-bm0596 Mr Brown paid no attention (Squirrel Nutkin)
cash-bm0438 Mrs Tiggy-Winkle's nose went sniffle,
cash-bm0440 Mrs Tittlemouse was a most terribly tidy
cash-bm0490 Mrs. Tittlemouse, Owl & Peter Rabbit (small images with names) {was: Peter Rabbit (green)}
cash-bm0384 " Quack? " said Jemima Puddle-duck [Jemima Puddleduck]
cash-bm0436 The houses were not always empty (Mr Tod)
cash-bm0677 The Taylor of Gloucester mouse, Squirrel & Tom Kitten (small images with names) {was: Tom Kitten (green)}
cash-bm0158 Tiggywinkle, Jemima Puddle-duck & Benjamin Bunny (small images with names) {was: Benjamin & Friends}
cash-bm0312 - image above Two Bad Mice, Jeremy Fisher & Flopsy bunnies (small images with names) {was: Flopsy (green)}
cash-bm0683 With Tom Thumb's assistance she carried (Two Bad Mice)

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