Riley Cars

1896 - 1969

(produced 1995)

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not yet allocated Cash-bm0525 311  

Cash's woven bookmark with woven images of the old and new Coventry Cathedral, RILEY motor car name and dates


{image of ruins of old Coventry Cathedral}
{image of new Coventry Cathedral}
Of bookmark: cm deep by cm wide
This bookmark was created as an advertisement of THE RILEY MOTOR CLUB, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary, in 1994, of the ending of Riley car production, and the 100th Anniversary, in 1996, of the formation of the original RILEY CYCLE Co. Ltd. It was issued in 1995 as a limited edition of only 250.
As well as the bookmark shown above, there was also issued a commemorative picture, recorded as cash-picture0241. The Riley family were originally ribbon weavers, but they finally ceased that trade in 1896 and formed the cycle business instead, which subsequently became a car business.

Both bookmark and picture, together with various printed leaflets were issued by the Club; the bookmark in a special folder, the inside left panel of which detailing the history of Riley (see below). The bookmark itself was later issued on a standard CASH'S card (as the image above):

printed cover in which this bookmark was contained
printed inside cover

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