Common Red Poppy

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not yet allocated Cash-bm0500 291  

Cash's woven bookmark with woven title words


{view of red poppies}
Common Red
Of bookmark: 20.4cm deep by 5.1cm wide
The Bookmark Society record this design as part of the POPPY SET - see below for others in the same series.
It was a SPECIAL design by CASH'S, and originally distributed by Damart.

Signed: MADE BY CASH'S OF COVENTRY on the reverse top turn over:
reverse turn over of this bookmark
image of woven credit, on reverse top turn-over


Others recorded in the same POPPY SET Series are:

Cash's Catalogue No:
file reference No:
Bookmark Title:
special issue
Common Red Poppy (1994) - bookmark above
special issue
Opium Poppy (1994)
special issue
Yellow Horned Poppy (1994)

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