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not yet allocated Cash-bm0226 M14  

Cash's woven bookmark titled: CHIVES, normally attached to a greeting card


Cash's woven bookmark,
normally attached to a
Greeting card,
with title words:
Of card: cm deep by cm wide
Of tapestry: cm deep by cm wide
This bookmark was recorded in the CASH'S 2000 Sals Catalogue, with the Reference Number of 363. It is from the CASH'S Herbs series.
The full list of this Herbs series being:
file reference No: Bookmark Title:
cash-bm0219 Chamomile    
cash-bm0226 - image above Chives    
cash-bm0399 Lavender    
cash-bm0405 Lemon Balm    
cash-bm0427 Mint    
cash-bm0654 Thyme    
This bookmark would originally have been issued attached to a CASH'S Greeting Card, and it was expected the bookmark would be removed from this card.
Similar bookmarks, such as BIRCH, are still attached to the cards, and have printed lists of available titles, including the full list of the Herbs above.  

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