Country Companions

(Mouse reading letter, mouse writing reply)

(no Cash's ID

Catalogue Number:- Reference Number:- The Bookmark Society Number:-  
not yet allocated Cash-bm0056 112  

Cash's woven bookmark with woven title words, and images of a mouse reading a letter, and then replying to it
the image of this woven bookmark
was kindly donated by a member of
The Bookmark Society


{mouse reading letter)  
(mouse writing reply)
Of bookmark: 20.0cm deep by 5.0cm wide
There is no CASH'S name woven on the bookmark, just the Gordon Fraser Gallery copyright notice.
The Bookmark Society record that it was issued by CASH'S in 1994.
Gordon Fraser copyright notice woven on the reverse top turn-over of this bookmark
Gordon Fraser copyright notice woven on
reverse top turnover of this bookmark

This bookmark is from the COUNTRY COMPANION SET of 6 titles, all created in 1994. Others in the same series being:

file reference No: Bookmark Title:
cash-bm0052 Mouse in scarf catching a falling star    
cash-bm0054 Hedgehog Postman    
cash-bm0055 Hedgehog in bed    
cash-bm0056 - the image above Mouse reading letter, mouse writing reply    
cash-bm0057 Rabbit on stack of books    
cash-bm0058 Rabbits upstairs, hedgehog at door    

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