Grant Family 1923 Christmas card

Golly!! Don't I Like Chicken

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:- Radley Number:-
gc 657-fcc not recorded No Postcards listed by Sprake not listed

The image of the front of this card was not
made available to me, although as it is believed
to be a 1923 Grant Family Christmas card, it
would be identical to that of the
other 1923 Christmas card, recorded as gc800-fcc.

inside pages of this 1923 Grant Christmas card, with motto on one leaf and silk on the other
the image of this card was kindly donated by Mark Cottrill, Great Britain.
Printed on card:-
With Every Good Wish
for a
Happy Christmas
and a
Bright and Prosperous
New Year
Alderman & Mrs W. H. Grant
Foleshill House,
Great Heath,
Xmas, 1923.
Printed on inside of card cover:-
For you I pray, along Life's
         way.           A mind with
calm contentment blest,
Good store of health the same
of wealth        With toil enough
to sweeten rest ;        And unto
you the long years through
May Friendship of true hearts
be giv'n.         Some joys, some
clouds with silver crest, and
Peace shining through, a light
from Heaven.

Woven on Silk:-
RD. NO. 423241

card (when closed):
10.2cm wide by 16.0cm deep

6.6cm wide by 9.6cm deep

The front view of this card was not made available to me, although as the inside poem printed on the left hand leaf is identical to the Grant Family 1923 Christmas card, it is believed this card too is also 1923.
The Christmas card comprises a folded card, with, it is believed, the Christmas and New Year's greeting printed on the front cover. Alderman & Mrs Grant's name would also be printed on the front cover.
Inside to card, there is a poem printed on the left hand leaf, with the silk glued to the right hand leaf. The silk has the title Golly!! Don't I like chicken and the registration number.
The silk is not finished off, with the ragged cut edges exposed. There is a second Christmas card with the same printing as above, but with a different silk stuck on the right hand leaf {recorded as gc800-fcc.


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