undated Christmas card

Warwick Castle

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:- Radley Number:-
gc 620-cc not recorded No Postcards listed by Sprake not listed

front cover of this undated Christmas card:-
front cover of Grant undated Christmas card, with woven silk picture of Warwick Castle
Woven on silk:-
Printed at bottom of card:-

inside covers of this undated Christmas card:-
inserted pages of this undated Grant Christmas card, with motto on one leaf and greeting etc. on the other side
Printed on the insert:-
May Christmas never fail to bring you joy.
To Greet You   +   +   +   +
With Hearty Good Wishes
For a Bright and Happy Christmas
and a Prosperous New Year.   +   +
From .................
card (when closed):
13.1cm wide by 9.0cm deep

cm wide by cm deep

This undated Christmas card comprises a folded card, with a woven silk view of WARWICK CASTLE on the front. The rear cover is plain. The embossing around the silk however is not typical of GRANT, although it does appear on a number of other GRANT cards, one of which (gc863-fcc: With the Seasons Compliments) has the GRANT name printed on the card.
A paper insert is held inside the card by a pink silk ribbon. Printed on the insert is a short motto on the left hand leaf, and space on the right hand leaf for the name of the sender, together with pre-printed greeting.

It is evident this card was intended to be sold to the general public, rather than being a Grant Family card


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