undated Christmas card

Municipal Buildings, Glasgow

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gc 556-cc not recorded No Postcards listed by Sprake not listed

front cover of this undated Christmas card:-
front cover of Grant undated Christmas card, with woven silk picture of Municipal Buildings, Glasgow
Woven on silk:-
Printed at bottom of card:-

{left hand page missing from image}

inside right hand cover of this undated Christmas card:-
right hand inserted page of this undated Grant Christmas card, with printed greeting etc.
Printed on the insert:-
{left hand page missing: unknown printed motto}
Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas
and a
Bright and Prosperous New Year.
From ........Mr & Mrs W H Grant
card (when closed):
cm wide by cm deep

cm wide by cm deep

This undated Christmas card comprises a folded card, with a woven silk view of MUNICIPAL BUILDINGS, GLASGOW on the front. The rear cover is plain. The embossing around the silk however is not typical of GRANT, although it does appear on a number of other GRANT cards, one of which (gc863-fcc: With the Seasons Compliments) has the GRANT name printed on the card.
A paper insert is held inside the card by a green silk ribbon. Ordinarily on the left hand side of the insert would be a printed motto, but the image of that side is missing.
Printed on the insert on the right hand leaf is a greeting, together with space for the name of the sender. In this particular case, the signature is that of Mr & Mrs Grant. Whilst this might suggest the card was a GRANT FAMILY card, it is more evident that this card was intended to be sold to the general public.

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