Greater Cork Exhibition, 1903

(picture of exhibition building)

(no title)

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:- Radley Number:-
gc 200 967 No Postcards listed by Sprake listed

Black and white silk image of Exhibition building, with no title

Printed at top of card:-



Woven on Silk:-


cm long by cm deep

cm long by cm deep


This postcard does not have a makers name printed on the card. The printed border however unique to Grant, and is the earliest design.

There is no title either woven on the silk nor printed on the card. The exhibition buildings displayed however were those of the Cork Exhibition. The difficulty though is that the same buildings were used for the INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION of 1902, and also for the GREATER CORK EXHIBITION of 1903. As the British postal services did not allow silk postcards to be sent in the post until 1903, it is probable this card was also produced in 1903.

This same postcard was issued as a souvenir at the exhibition, and this version is recorded as gc268: Souvenir of the Greater Cork Exhibition, 1903 (exhibition buildings).


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