Remounted silk of the Grant portrait of H. Lambton, although there is no title on the silk or card mount

Rear Admiral Hon. H. LAMBTON C.V.O.  C.B.

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:-
go 248 975 Sprake did not record any Grants

Woven on Silk:-

Printed at top of card:-

Printed at bottom of card:-


13.4cm deep by 8.7cm wide

10.1cm high by 6.4cm wide


by Geoffrey Godden:
Goddden notes that the title " Lambton " was recorded by Sprake, but had not himself seen a copy.  

Other comments:
The image above is of a remounted silk, and there is no title.
The design of the silk however, apart from the portrait, is identical to that of Lord Beresford [go100 on this site], which itself has been positively identified as a Grant.
There is a grey space below the ship which on the Beresford silk has his name. In the image above, that grey bar is empty.

The full title used above is derived from the postcard catalogue, a title itself derived from the version seen at the Herbert Museum, Coventry. From the history of Lambton, the title dates this silk to the October 1902 to 1906 period. From June 1903, he became second-in-command to Lord Charles Beresford in the Channel Fleet, and hence the association with Beresford.

Admiral of the Fleet The Hon Sir Hedworth Meux GCB KCVO (pronounced Mews), formerly The Hon Hedworth Lambton

As the captain of the cruiser, H.M.S. Powerful, Lambton became involved in bringing help to the British forces in the Siege of Ladysmith by providing six heavy guns taken from his warship. As part of the ensuing public enthusiasm in Britain for the "Heroes of Ladysmith", Lambton became well known.

On his return to Britian, he met the beautiful and very rich heiress, Valerie, Lady Meux [pronounced mews]. She had heard the story of the naval guns and had order six 12-pounder cannon on wagons to be delivered to South Africa.
Following Lambton's visit to thank her, Valerie appointed Lambton as her heir on condition he changed his name to Meux. This he did in 1911, the same year he also became a full Admiral.

Lambton was born on 1856, and died in 1929, as " Admiral The Hon Sir Hedworth Meux GCB KCVO ". He became a Captain in 1889, a Rear Admiral in October 1902, a Vice Admiral in 1908 and a full Admiral in March 1911.
He was awarded the CB (The Most Honourable Order of the Bath) in 1900 following Ladysmith, elevated to KCB in 1908, and GCB in 1913. He was also awarded the CVO (Commander of the Royal Victorian Order) in 1901, which in 1906 was elevated to a KCVO.

The history above is a summary of the more extensive narrative found on

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