close up
black and white portrait of W.E. Gladstone, with woven date of 1884
matted silk
black and white portrait of W.E. Gladstone, with woven date of 1884

The Rt. Hon. W.E. Gladstone. M.P.

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:-
go 226 not recorded Sprake did not record any Grants
Woven on Silk:-
Printed at bottom of card:-
34.0cm deep by 24.0cm wide

21.6cm high by 10.8cm wide


by Geoffrey Godden:
Godden does not record this silk.

Other comments:
The image above is of the original matted silk, and it can be seen there are no words printed on the card.

On early Grant back labels are listed the designs of "Rt. Hon. W.E. Gladstone", "General Gordon", and "Lord Randolph Churchill". The back label records "These are much larger than others", and are priced at 2 shillings; being four times the price of the usual silk portraits.
On the reverse of the portrait above are attached two GRANT back labels (due to the large size), and one of these is shown below. This label confirms this silk was made by GRANT.

The back labels records three of these large portraits, and they are recorded on this site as:

Rt. Hon. W.E. Gladstone, shown above as go226
General Gordon, recorded as go228, and
Lord Randolph Churchill, recorded as go162.
It should be recognised that the GORDON silk is of a different design to the other two, although, like the others, it includes the 1884 date.
black and white image of the back label

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