The Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone, M.P. (small version)

Right Hon. W.E. GLADSTONE, Esq. M.P.

(small version, facing half right)

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:-
go 216 1036b Sprake did not record any Grants

Woven on Silk:-

Printed at top of card:-

Printed at bottom of card:-
W.H GRANT, Manufacturer    Foleshill, Coventry

Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone, Esq., M.P.

15.2cm deep by 10.6cm wide

8.1cm high by 5.1cm wide


by Geoffrey Godden:
This early Grant silk, which was first issued in 1885, bears the Grant name and address printed on the card-mount, below the portrait. Some examples have an outline of Gladstone's career printed on the back-label; others have the normal label listing the available silks.

The portraits of Gladstone are of two main types with slight variations - mainly in the colouring of the flowers below the silk (which are completely missing on some early examples) - and may be found in two sizes.

The standard version (1036) is shown on go200.

The earlier black-and-white version (1036a) is of small size, some 3¼ inches high, and the printed title on the card-mount reads 'Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, Esq., M.P.' [see go212 on this site].
With some examples of this rare small-size silk, Mr Gladstone is shown facing half right (1036b) {that is, the image above}, not the usual half left.

The Stevens firm also produced portrait silks depicting Gladstone.

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