Image of old steam train leaving a tunnel

Railway scene

(untitled scene)

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Grant Catalogue Number:-
gt 540 1053 unknown

Woven on Silk:-


Printed at bottom of card:-

18.9cm deep by 14.0cm wide

11.2cm high by 6.1cm wide


by Geoffrey Godden:
Engine with tender and one and a half coaches showing, emerging from a tunnel amid high hills. An upright-view silk approximately 2 ½ inches by 4 ¼ inches.

Other comments:
The reverse of this picture has a Grant back label, detailing the pure silk handkerchiefs with personalised borders, together with summaries of all the other items produced by Grant.
This back label also includes the titles of some of the pictures and portraits which were available at that time.
Included in that list is the title " Railway Train ", which it is assumed applies to the silk above.

Whilst the silk above is matted in an un-titled card-mount, the same silk is also used with the title " The Age of Steam (By Rail) ", recorded on this site as gt90.

It is also used in the picture entitled " The Iron Horse ", recorded as gt437.

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