images of Lady Godiva on horseback statue with words of extract from Tennyson poem

Then she rode back, clothed
on with chastity:

And one low churl, compact
of thankless earth, peep'd-

But his eyes, before they
had their will, were shrivell'd
into darkness in his head.

And all at once, with twelve
great shocks of sound,

The shameless noon was
clash'd and hammer'd from
a hundred towers.

But even then she gain'd her
bower; whence reissuing,

Robed and crown'd, she took
the tax away and built
herself an everlasting name.


Lady Godiva horseback statue

and verse by Tennyson
as 1924 Calendar

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Grant Catalogue Number:-
gt 224 not recorded unknown

Woven on Silk:-
see above

Printed at top of card:-
With the Compliments of

Printed at bottom of card:-
Woven in Pure Silk.

Lift up flap: 14.8cm deep by 10.8cm wide
Overall card: 19.2cm deep by 13.1cm wide

10.5cm high by 6.7cm wide


by Geoffrey Godden:
Various woven calendars were made in different years - many mounted on postcards from the early 1900s onwards, others with Christmas or New Year greetings printed on the reverse side.

Several silks were incorporated in the covers or mounts of calendars (the calendar part being printed on paper in the normal manner) and these cannot be classed as woven calendars. Nevertheless, the finest post-war Grant silk pictures have been especially woven to enhance these standard calendars.

Godden did not infact record this 1924 calendar.

Other comments:
This same design was also used as the Grant Company 1930 calendar [gt230 on this site].
The design and size of both card and lift up flap is the same as the 1930 calendar, except that the actual silk on this 1924 version is of a slightly smaller size; 10.5cm by 6.7cm viz 11.9cm by 8.1cm on the 1930 version.

On the calendar above, the central flap containing the silk, lifts up to reveal the 1924 calendar, together with an amusing motto.
As can be seen in the image below, the calendar is still complete:

Image of calendar part of this silk, concealed below the lift up flap containing the woven silk.   Image of calendar part of this silk, concealed below the lift up flap containing the woven silk.
calendar part of this silk, concealed behind the lift up flap containing the woven silk.

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