(George V & Mary - full face portraits)

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gb 315 not recorded  

NOTE: This image is of an incomplete woven silk favour, with both the top and bottom missing.
reverse view of this
favour, showing there
is no woven name
reverse view of this favour, showing the absence of a woven name
woven favour with words


{position of missing crown}
portraits of King George V (looking forward)
and Queen Mary (looking forward)
{initials intertwined}
Of incomplete favour: 4.6cm long by 3.2cm wide
The image displayed above is of an incomplete silk, the weaving being missing at both the top and bottom.
The basic design is the same as gb314, except that in the favour above, Queen Mary is looking forward whilst in gb314 she is looking slightly right.

As can be seen, there is nothing woven on the reverse of this favour, and as such it is not possible to attribute it to any particular weaver.
Mark Cottrill, in his 2012 self published picture book: The Silk Weavings of William Henry Grant, includes a picture of this favour which he attributes as being a GRANT weaving.


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