(horse's front legs apart)

Reference Number:- Sprake Number:- Godden Number:-
st 429 STG165 43

unusual - central figures woven in black silk:

Fox hunters collecting with horses and hounds, waiting for the off
the image of this silk picture was kindly donated by John Hartwig, USA
normal version - central figures woven in blue silk:

Fox hunters collecting with horses and hounds, waiting for the off

Woven on silk:-

Printed at bottom of card mount:-

The Meet.

13.7cm deep by 20.6cm wide

5.1cm high by 15.2cm wide

by Austin Sprake:
Depicts the huntsmen and hounds meeting before the hunt.

by Geoffrey Godden:
This landscape view is the first of a set of three fox-hunting scenes (the others being FULL CRY [st 248 on this site] and THE DEATH [st 116]). THE MEET was registered on 26 January 1880, and the title - first listed on label 10 - was subsequently included on all labels into the twentieth century.
This subject is therefore found on type B card-mounts (including B1 - with the diamond-shaped registration mark impressed in the top right-hand corner of the card-mount) and on later types C and E. But the earlier type B mounts [as the image above] are those most often met with.

Other comments:
This design was registered on 26th January 1880.

The horse on the front row, with the rider in the red jacket, is interesting. Listed as st 428 on this site is an image of the early TYPE B version of the silk (of 1879 to 1886). As can be seen on that image, the horse's front legs are side by side, giving the impression of only one leg.
Within a few years however, by TYPE B2 of circa 1881, this horse's front left leg has been moved back to display two distinct front legs. The image above is of this improved silk, and is the usual silk found in all other mounts.

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