Ribbon with portrait of Queen Victoria
The copyright of this image
is owned and retained by
The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry,
who kindly granted permission for its use.

Loose silk with portrait of
Queen Victoria

Reference Number:-
se 046
Still attached to stiff backing paper,
with embossed STEVENS name, and
32 Queen Street, Coventry address,
dated to the early 1860's

Woven on silk:-
{blue ribbon}
{portrait of Queen Victoria}
(with words round portrait)


cm deep by cm wide

This is a most unusual ribbon for Stevens to have made, and is completely different to anything else attributed to his manufacture. As it is still attached to the stiff backing paper, with the embossed Stevens name, there can be no doubt as to its authenticity.

It is not known why this ribbon was made. If it had been intended as a bookmark, there would be a woven pattern for the relevant creases at the pointed end, and the STEVENS name would have been woven at top or bottom turn-over. There is no such pattern or weaving.

It is possible this ribbon was intended to be mounted as a portrait. However, to date, it has not been seen mounted.

The actual ribbon itself, and image, are owned by The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry, who retain the copyright. The original image can be seen in the Herbert Museum on-line archive.


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