Ribbon with portrait of Morgan Treherne M.P.

Loose silk with portrait of
Morgan Treherne, Esq


Reference Number:-
se 045

Woven on silk:-
{blue ribbon}
{portrait of Treherne}


circa: cm deep by cm wide

There is no weavers name anywhere on this ribbon, so the true weaver is unproven. The basic design however is the same as the Henry William Eaton M.P. ribbon (recorded as se044), and as such it is almost certain this ribbon was made by the same weaver. The Eaton ribbon was recorded in the Stevengraph Collectors Association newsletter as being of STEVENS manufacture.

From research conducted by a member of the Stevengraph Collectors Association, a newspaper advert in the Coventry Times of 14th October 1863 has been found advertising for sale a silk ribbon of Treherne, prepared by Welch & Lenton. This was of course immediately after Treherne's successful election, and could quite possibly relate to this ribbon above. The wording of this advert though is not specific, and leaves open that Welch & Lenton could be the designers (as they were on other Stevens silks) or could be the actual weavers.

It is not known why this ribbon was made. If it had been intended as a bookmark, there would be a woven pattern for the relevant creases, but there is no such pattern. It is possible it was intended to be mounted as a portrait, however, to date, it has not been seen mounted.

Morgan Treherne was the Conservative Member of Parliament for Coventry from 1863, until his death in 1867. He won the seat in a by-election, having contested the seat multiple times. It would seem this ribbon was made to celebrate his election, as it has both the 1863 date of his election, and the fact he was already an M.P.
The by-election was held followed the death of the Whig, Edward Ellice (see the Caldicott silk of Ellice), and was an M.P. at the same time as his fellow Conservative, Henry Eaton.

Coventry Times newspaper advert of a commission by Welch & Lenton for a woven silk ribbon of Treherne
Coventry Times newspaper advert of a commission by Welch & Lenton for a woven silk ribbon of Treherne

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