Ribbon with portrait of Henry William Eaton M.P.

Loose silk with portrait of
Henry William Eaton


Reference Number:-
se 044

Woven on silk:-
{blue ribbon}
{portrait of Eaton}


circa: 14.0cm deep by 5.0cm wide

This ribbon was recorded in the Stevengraph Collectors Association newsletter as being of STEVENS manufacture. There is however no weavers name anywhere on this ribbon, so the true weaver is unproven.

It is not known why this ribbon was made. If it had been intended as a bookmark, there would be a woven pattern for the relevant creases, but there is no such pattern.
STEVENS did make a political favour (recorded as a bookmark sb864: H.W. Eaton, Esq. Conservative candidate for Coventry), although the design of that favour is totally different to this ribbon.
It is possible this ribbon was intended to be mounted as a portrait. However, to date, it has not been seen mounted.

Henry Eaton was the Conservative Member of Parliament for Coventry from 1865 to 1880, and it would seem this ribbon was made to celebrate his election, as it has both the 1865 date of his election, and the fact he was already an M.P.


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