Serve God and be cheerful

{shield with letters: GFS}

Reference Number:- Darby Number:- Godden Number:-
sb 1771 not recorded not recorded

woven bookmark with words
the image of this bookmark kindly
donated by the President of the
Stevengraph Collectors Association
printing at top of stiff
backing paper used to support
the bookmark in the post
{shield with letters:}
Serve God
{image of rose}
and be
Of bookmark: cm long by cm wide
It is unfortunately not known what is woven on the reverse of this bookmark, although, as can be seen, it is still attached to the stiff backing paper, which has the STEVENS logo printed at the top.

There is recorded a second " GFS " bookmark, and in the absence of any other information, it is assumed also to have been made by STEVENS.

Note: " GFS " are the initials for " GIRLS FRIENDLY SOCIETY ". According to their web site {, The Girls Friendly Society was officially established in England on 1st January 1875 by Mary Elizabeth Townsend, an Irish clergyman's daughter married to the wealthy Frederick Townsend.


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