I Lesson

(pointed end narrow ribbon)

Reference Number:- Darby Number:- Godden Number:-
sb 1164 204 525

Narrow religious bookmark with title words, joined with other narrow religious bookmarks
{second bookmark, attached with six others, all with pointed ends}
I. Lesson.
narrow bookmark, with single word - I Lesson
close up of the I Lesson bookmark
Size of Silk:
25.5cm long by 0.8cm wide
Alternative back-ground colours:
From the image below of a set of identical ribbons, it is known these were made by Stevens, even though the individual ribbons do not have a signature.
Stevens advertisements record that he sold these narrow bible bookmarks with pointed ends (as above); tasselled ends; or with ivory or gilt ornaments. They were sold in various combinations; the buyer choosing which ribbons, and how many, from:
Collect - sb540
Communion - sb552
Lesson I - image above
Lesson II - sb1168
Litany - sb1180
Prayers - sb1592
Psalms - sb1616

The silk markers are joined at the top by a small carved ivory toggle that is just 2.0cm wide.

A set of three designs, Collect, Holy Communion and Psalms was registered on 17 July 1862 (No. 153243). Note however that there is no record to date of " Holy Communion " with a pointed end (only frayed), so this registration probably applies to the Stevens Tassled End series.

Below is an image of a similar set of ribbons still attached to the original stiff paper used to post them, and with the Stevens logo clearly shown.

image showing the whole presentation
image showing the whole presentation.


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