St. Michaels Church, Coventry

Attributed to Welch & Lenton

Reference Number:-  
owe 760  

woven silk, with image of St. Michaels Church, Coventry
the image of this silk was kindly donated by
Suzette Karta, Great Britain.



{woven credit on either side of the church}


St. Michaels Church Coventry.

Not recorded by John High in his unpublished list
Size of Silk:

17.0cm long by 10.0cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:
Godden records this design as being registered on 25 July 1862.
The portrait silk of Revd. Widdrington was also registered at the same time, and sometimes the Diamond Registration mark is woven on the reverse of the Revd. Widdrington silk. I have however never seen it on the reverse of this Church silk.

Whilst this silk bears the credit Odell & French, Manfr., Welch & Lenton, Drafts, Godden records that the official registration was awarded to Welch & Lenton.
The image above is of a loose silk, and I have never seen this silk mounted in an offical card frame.

St. Michaels Church was the Coventry Cathedral, until it's destruction in 1940, during an aerial bombing raid of the Second World war.


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