The Blessing

(open bible with bookmarks)
The Lord bless . .

Woven by E. Bollans & Co.

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obo 608   unknown  

Bookmark with title words, image of open bible and words of reading


The Blessing


image of Holy Bible
with bookmarks
and open at
Numbers chVI & chVII


The LORD bless
thee, and keep thee:
The LORD make
his face shine upon
thee, and be gra-
-cious unto thee:

The LORD lift up
his countenance
upon thee, and give
thee peace.

Not recorded by John High in his unpublished list
Size of Silk:

14.0cm long by 4.4cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:

Signed: "E. BOLLANS & Co. LEAMINGTON." on reverse top turnover.

Bollans & Co. logo on the reverse top turn-over of this bookmark
Bollans & Co. logo on the reverse top turn over of this bookmark

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