108 Steps, Macclesfield

Woven by Spurcroft Ltd, Macclesfield

Reference Number:-  
osc 22  

panoramic view of the 108 Steps in Macclesfield, leading up to the Church of St. Michael
view up the hill towards
St. Michael's Church
showing the 108 Steps
Of Card mount: 26.6cm deep by 33.1cm wide
Of Silk picture: 13.0cm deep by 19.8cm wide
On the reverse is a label confirming the weavers to be " SPURCROFT ":
Care though should be taken with this picture. The original was woven by CARTWRIGHT & SHELDON, and this version is mounted in a stiff card mount with a scalloped edge.
SPURCROFT re-woven this picture, including the Horsley signature and date, using the original jacquard loom cards, and there is no discernible difference. The Spurcroft version though is mounted in a heavy grade card mount, being 3mm thick, with straight edges.  
label on reverse of this picture

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