H. R. Highness
Albert Edward Prince of Wales

Woven by Darlinson & Barton.

Reference Number:-  
odr 4  

Unframed black and white silk portrait of His Royal Highness, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales
the image of this silk
was kindly donated by
Alan Cunningham, Great Britain


Albert Edward
H. Rl Highness
Prince of Wales


Size of Silk:

14.1 cm long by 8.7 cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:
This silk is not listed by Godden

The silk is identical to one attributed to Pratt & Barton, opr 4 on this site. It is hence probably that Darlinson was not a weaver at all.

this silk is signed on the front: "G. DARLINSON    R. BARTON"
being the "weaver" and designer respectively.
woven credit to G Darlinson, as weaver, and R Barton, as designer

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