Her Royal Highness

The Princess Alice

Woven by Dalton & Barton.

Reference Number:-  
oda 12  

woven in black and white silk
framed black & white silk with portrait of Princess Alice



Her Royal Highness

Same portrait, but woven in different coloured silks:-
framed silk portrait of Princess Alice
framed silk portrait of Princess Alice
Size of Silk:

20.8cm long by 10.6cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:
by Godden:
This silk is not listed by Godden

Other comments:
Signed below the title:-
"MESSRS. DALTON & BARTON MANFRS" (being weaver and designer respectively.)

Within the lower folds of the Princess' dress is also woven:-
"R. BARTON" on the left hand side, and "COVENTRY 1861" on the right:-

framed black & white silk with portrait of Princess Alice

This is a silk portrait of Her Royal Highness Princess Alice, the second daughter of Victoria and Prince Albert. Born on 25 April 1843, she died on 14 December 1878, having married Prince Louis of Hesse in July 1862.
It is probable from the date woven on the right side of the portrait that this silk was for her wedding.

There are two silk portraits with this same title; the one above being the more common version, and the version oda13 on this site being the rare version.

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