Suivez Le Guide

French Collection

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J & J Cash woven picture without words, but titled Suivez Le Guide {Follow the Leader}
Of frame: 28.0cm deep by 30.5cm wide
Of tapestry: 13.5cm high by 17.8cm wide
In a leaflet available with these silk pictures, stating " Series available 1980/81 ", this picture is recorded as being of the FRENCH SILKS COLLECTION.

The picture is titled, " Suivez Le Guide " (Follow the Leader), and shows a group of children walking in line over a set of stepping stones. It is after the painting by Percy Terrant. It was originally made in France by Neyret Freres, and reproduced by Cash.
CASH'S produced these French Series pictures in two sizes, and the picture above is one of the larger versions. These French Series pictures were also issued with either a green matt (as the image above) or with a plum coloured matt.

back label of this picture
back label of this picture

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