Coventry Cathedral

10th Anniversary

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J & J Cash woven picture of 10th Anniversary of the Consecration in 1962 of Coventry Cathedral


1962 (cross) 1972
A Jacquard Woven Picture produced to commemorate
the Tenth Anniversary of the Consecration of Coventry Cathedral
on May 25th, 1962.

Designed and Woven by J. & J. Cash Limited in
Coventry in a limited edition of one thousand.
Coded in sets of ten from A1 to A100.

Of card mount: 18.0cm deep by 23.0cm wide
Of tapestry: 7.0cm high by 12.0cm wide
This picture is actually the inside of a blue coloured fold over card mount with a cut " window " through which the woven tapestry can be seen.
The same printed words appear on both the front blue cover and on the inside white card mount of the tapestry.

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