A week of birthdays

(11 flowers at pointed end)

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not yet allocated Cash-bm0126 12  

J & J Cash woven bookmark, with picture of a girl, title words and words of verse


{picture of a girl
with green blouse}
MONDAY'S child is fair of
TUESDAY'S child is full of
WEDNESDAY'S child is full
of woe.
THURSDAY'S child has far
to go.
FRIDAY'S child is loving
and giving.
SATURDAY'S child works
hard for a living.
And the child that is born
on the SABBATH day,
is bonny, and blithe,
and good, and gay.
{image of bird inside
pattern of eleven flowers}
Of bookmark: cm long by cm wide
An almost identical bookmark, with the same title, is also recorded, as cash-bm0127, the difference being the number of flowers surrounding the bird at the pointed end: eleven in the design above, nine in the cash-bm0127 version.

The bookmark above was the earlier of the two, and is longer than the usual standard length.


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