A Mad Tea-Party

[Mad Hatter]

Alice through the looking glass (1989)

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Cash's woven bookmark with woven title words


A Mad Tea-Party
{image of the Hatter}
'I want a clean cup,'
interrupted the Hatter,
'let's all move one
place on.'
{image of Hare, Hatter
with open tea-pot}
'At any rate I'll never
go there again !'
said Alice as she
picked her way
through the wood.
Lewis Carroll.
{image of Hatter's hat, with sales ticket}
In this
Of bookmark: cm deep by cm wide
This bookmark is recorded in the CASH'S 1995 Sales Catalogues as number 137, as part of their ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS and the CHILDREN'S CLASSICS Series.

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