Grant Family 1926 Christmas card

Keep On Keepin' On

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front cover of Grant 1926 Christmas card, with words of good wishes etc. with Alderman & Mrs Grant name
inside pages of this 1926 Grant Christmas card, with motto on one leaf and silk on the other
Printed on card:-
With Every Good Wish
for a
Happy Christmas
and a
Bright and Prosperous
New Year
Alderman & Mrs W. H. Grant
Foleshill House
Great Heath,
Xmas 1926
Printed on inside of card cover:-
LET me live in a house by the side
            of the road,
      Where the race of men go by;
The men who are good and the men
            who are bad.
      As good and as bad as I.
I would not sit in the scorner's seat,
      Or hurl the cynic's ban;
Let me live in a house by the side of
            the road,
      And be a friend to man.
                                                - Foss

Woven on silk:-

KEEP ON      
      KEEPIN' ON.

If the day looks kinder gloomy
An' the chances kinder slim,
If the situation's puzzlin'
An' the prospect awful grim,
An' perplexities keep pressin'
Till all hope is nearly gone,
Jest bristle up and grind yer teeth


card (when closed):
10.2cm wide by 15.2cm deep

8.9cm wide by 12.7cm deep

This 1926 Christmas card comprises a folded card, with the Christmas and New Year's greeting printed on the front cover. Alderman & Mrs Grant's name is also printed on the front cover.
Inside to card, there is a motto printed on the left hand leaf, with the silk glued to the right hand leaf. Inspirational words of KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON are woven onto the silk. The rear cover is plain.

The card is from Alderman & Mrs W.H. Grant, the same address used on all their Christmas cards from 1921 until 1930.

The silk in the card above is just stuck onto the right hand side, and the cut edges are exposed. As can be seen from the image below however, these Christmas cards were also issued with the silk neatly attached with a covering mount:

same card as above, but with the silk neatly attached with a covering mount


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