R.M.S. Abosso

with derrick cranes on both masts

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:- Radley Number:-
gc 403 not recorded No Postcards listed by Sprake not recorded

Colour image of ship
the image of this postcard was kindly donated by Graham Parker, Great Britain

Woven on Silk:-

[image of ship, with two masts, both with derrick cranes,
a yellow funnel and flag of the African Steam Ship Co]

Printed at bottom of card:-
cm long by cm deep

cm long by cm deep


Grant postcards usually have printed card designs, although it is now believed they also made two variety of embossed ship and Hands Across The Sea postcards.

The first of these variations has been identified from the recorded silk of R.M.S. Caronia {gc408 on this site}. This has the Grant name printed on the card, and has a distinctive embossing around the silk together with an anchor design in each corner (as the image above), with regional variations of the thistle and shamrock.

In addition to this distinctive feature of the embossing and four anchor designs, there is an additional rectangle pressing round the whole central design. It is this outer rectangle which defines the second of the Grant variations.

As regards the actual silk, there are recorded two versions of RMS Abosso:
The first is shown above (with the derrick cranes), whilst the second is recorded as gc402 (without the cranes).
From comparison with actual photographs we know the woven silk above to be an accurate presentation of R.M.S. ABOSSO, whilst the silk of gc402 (without the cranes) is actually that of either RMS Elmina (recorded as gc410) or RMS Falaba (recorded as gc412).

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