Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Alexandra


Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:-
go 48 953 Sprake did not record any Grants

Woven on Silk:-

{note shading along side the head is deeper than the usual version}


Printed at bottom of card:-
Her Majesty Queen Alexandra
17.6cm deep by 14.0cm wide

10.2cm high by 6.4cm wide


by Geoffrey Godden:
This imposing silk portrait is, of course, the pair to the smaller portrait of King Edward VII - which, incidentally, has no credit to the Grant firm [see go164]. The design was registered on 2 March 1901 under the number 370915. Numbers were at first printed at the bottom of the card-mount, but soon they were woven under the Royal Arms in the silk picture.
The portrait is found in two sizes. The larger silk {recorded as go52} is 5 1/4 inches (13.3cm) high, mounted on a card measuring about 9 1/2 inches by 7 inches (24.1cm by 17.8cm). The smaller silk {the images above} is 4 inches (10.2cm) high, mounted on a card 7 inches by 5 1/2 inches (17.8cm by 14.0cm).

Other comments:
This silk is the Grant number 105.

This silk was registered on 2 March 1901, with registration number 370915, although as can be seen above, this smaller version seems to have been prior to that registration.

The companion to this smaller silk portrait is that of King Edward VII [see go164]. The Edward portrait though had a minor change in design in that the extensive shading above his head was removed in the later version. In the image of Alexandra above, the only change seems to have been a softening of the shading around the side of her head compared to the usual, larger version.  

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