Four silk pictures in one frame, with the title, 'International Inventions Exhibition, 1885'.  The mount contains the London City Coat of Arms, and individual silks titled, 'Ye Church of All Hallows', Ye Olde London Streete', and 'Ye Olde Bishopsgate')

International Inventions Exhibition, 1885

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Grant Catalogue Number:-
gt 26 mentions without number unknown

Woven on Silk:-

Printed at the top of the card mount:-

Printed at the bottom of the card mount:-

W. H. GRANT, Manufacturer,)                                         (Foleshill, Coventry
Ye Church of All Hallows
Ye Olde London Streete
Ye Olde Bishopsgate
Ye Views of Olde London
23.7cm deep by 33.6cm wide

each individual silk:

London City Coat of Arms:
3.8cm high by 3.8cm wide
Ye Church of All Hallows:
8.1cm high by 5.4cm wide
Ye Olde London Streete:
5.5cm high by 10.9cm wide
Ye Olde Bishopsgate:
8.1cm high by 5.4cm wide

by Geoffrey Godden:
Godden discusses this silk in the general narrative, but does not record it later in his number section.

Other comments:
This identical picture was also issued by Grant under the alternative title of Ye Views of Olde London [recorded as gt36 on this site]. It is probably this alternative title was used after the closure of the Exhibition.

Grant also issued another multi-silk picture, with the title "Views of Ye Olde London Streete" [gt32 on this site], which has printed the titles of the same three views. The individual silks though are mirror images to the ones above, as discussed in gt32.

These three individual view silks were also issued by Grant as individually mounted pictures, being:

gt798 - Ye Church of All Hallows (building to left of weaving)
gt810 - Ye Olde London Streete
gt804 - Ye Olde Bishopsgate (roofline sloping up from left to right)
Back label for this silk:
back label for this multi-silk picture

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